Low-Cost, High-Efficiency Home Improvements that Pay Off

Homeowners (and renters) are increasingly interested in making green home improvements, and they’re particularly interested in knowing which improvements have a clear payback—i.e., a decent Return on Investment (ROI)—and can be made with minimal investment. Here are some commonly agreed upon suggestions for relatively easy and low-cost home retrofitting projects that reap surefire savings (in […]

Short Sale Solution

Unforseeable hardships continue to jeopardize homeowners in this country and have pushed many to the brink of complete financial collapse.  For many, Shortselling their homes will be the solution.  At the Law Office of Tony Fisichella, we can negotiate with the bank to tip the scales in your favor and save you thousands.2011 saw nearly […]

Stress Matters

28 years a father and I cannot recall how many times I have been puzzled by the agony a child might experience over something I find trivial…two kids fighting over who gets the bigger ‘half’ the cookie, for example.   I have always been quite dismissive of such contests.  Adults simply do not fight over who […]

Estates and Real Estate, Who’s the Seller?

Hi Tony. I hope you are doing well this afternoon. I need some help with a question. I am working with two sellers. They are sisters whose mother recently passed away and they are selling their parents home. The deed for this home still names their late father and recently passed mother as the owners. […]