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Stress Matters

28 years a father and I cannot recall how many times I have been puzzled by the agony a child might experience over something I find trivial…two kids fighting over who gets the bigger ‘half’ the cookie, for example. I have always been quite …

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Estates and Real Estate, Who’s the Seller?

Hi Tony. I hope you are doing well this afternoon. I need some help with a question. I am working with two sellers. They are sisters whose mother recently passed away and they are selling their parents home. The deed for this home still names their …

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Low-Cost, High-Efficiency Home Improvements that Pay Off

Homeowners (and renters) are increasingly interested in making green home improvements, and they’re particularly interested in knowing which improvements have a clear payback—i.e., a decent Return on Investment (ROI)—and can be made with …

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