Business Law | Arden, NC and all of Buncombe County

Business law contracts, leases, purchase and sales agreements are just too long and complicated… too much legal mumbo jumbo…they’re impossible to understand.

On the other hand, the vast majority of litigants that walk into the lawyer’s office with a business law conflict are there because there was no contract, or the contract was insufficient to protect them from the tortuous conduct of the party they thought was a partner or a friend.

Detailed contracts are not the cause of business law litigation, they are the cure. I have often observed that “there is never a problem until there is a problem”. Agreements are struck between friends, family and business associates, generally with the expectation that everyone will abide by the terms everyone will benefit. It should always feel like a win-win situation. Litigation ensues when unexpected turns put one or another party at a terrible disadvantage, usually financial, and suddenly someone does not want to honor their promise. It happens to all of us, and is always cheaper and easier to prevent a misunderstanding than to correct one.

Proper oversight of all transactions is one way to spot issues early and prevent problems that might otherwise occur.

Always seek the counsel of a Business Law Attorney before undertaking any of the following:

– Business formation
– Entity selection
– Licensing and registration
– Annual reporting
– Organizational documents Articles of Incorporation, Articles of Organization, bylaws, Partnership agreements
– Contracts service agreements, leases, purchase and sales agreements stock purchase or transfer. business mergers, acquisitions, liability, dissolution, insurance