Get The Personalized Attention You Deserve


During the process of buying a business, we quickly realized we needed the help of a lawyer. Out of all the people we spoke to, Tony Fisichella was by far the most down to earth and caring lawyer we spoke to. He took the time to get to know us and learn about the business we were buying.

He did not hesitate to take on our challenge of coming in halfway through the deal and our short time frame for closing. During due diligence, Tony quickly and efficiently dealt with issues that came up. He even helped out with a few issues that came up after we closed on the deal! Now, we own a rapidly growing business!


I have worked with Tony in the 18th Judicial Circuit for years, during that time we have managed many complex cases together and enjoyed great successes. I know him to be extremely thorough, detail-oriented and tireless in his efforts to serve his clients.

He is a diligent researcher, possessing a great analytical legal mind. Tony can always be counted on to dig through the legal clutter and isolate the law and facts that are the heart of the matter at issue in a case.